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Along with the end of free shipping on pizza Domino's now also have the nerve to charge 30 cents more for MOST of the toppings and when I complained they used that most deceitful excuse, "it is in the fine print that prices may vary". If you went into Target or any store and found the prices different from the ads and in tiny print , prices may vary, would you buy from them?

Then why with frozen supermarket pizza improving all the time would you buy from a company that is not honest enough to just say, this and that topping is 30 cents more instead of hiding behind that "prices may vary" nonsense. April 10, , Not only do they offer three different kinds of crust, they have different kinds of sauces, and toppings galore.

They also have amazing cheeses bread, great wings, pasta bowls, and even salads for your vegetarian friends. Vegetarian No Special Diet. Not a fan. I'm not sure what happened over the years, but I got very sick the last time I had this pizza, unfortunately.

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So it's going to be a pass on this brand from now on. No Special Diet.

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April 3, , 8: First off, let me say that pizza is my favorite food of all time I always enjoy a good quality pizza. Unfortunately, the ladder is what Domino's lacks. Their pizza is very poor quality and I cannot stomach their food at all. I prefer to go to my local chains as the quality is superior and often not much more expensive. Would not recommend this restaurant.

Domino is a 1 go to at my house specially if I work a long shift or my son begs for pizza. And it close to my house so I can always have it delivered. I gave Domino's 5 stars and I really like their pizza and most recently tried a sub. I think they are affordable and the quality is good for the money. You can easily feed your family for a night out. As I mentioned I really enjoy the pizza but most recently I tried a philly sub and was dissatisfied with the portion of steak.

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My sub was mediocre to say the least and tasted more like a breadstick with the cheese then a sub. For Super Bowl we ordered a Philly steak pizza and the same outcome so now I know to avoid ordering anything steak. Low Carb. What's your favorite food item at dominoes? Lori H. Prince George. Pizza topping - cheese. People think its boring but thats how I like my pizza.

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